Creating a Memoir for My Grandchildren

Recently I visited Facebook and joined a group there called Writing Your Memoirs and Family History. This group has an organizing and writing assignment a week for a year. It’s a closed group, but you can request to join, if you are interested.

Week one, as you might expect, deals with the details of your birth. Throughout the year different writing topics are introduced – from schools you may have attended, to places you have lived. Then suggestions are given as to how to assemble all that you have written so that you have a “book” at the end of a year.

The Memoirs section of this site will contain My memoirs for MY grandchildren and their children. You are invited to follow my example and create your own. Imagine if you could read today a Memoir from your great-grandmother created 100 years ago? Things she thought of as new and innovative in her day are now ‘quaint’ to us.

family treeDon’t let this chance pass you by!