In the Beginning

The Wright Genealogy
Wright Beginnings, circa 1050

It has been said that the Wright family descended from the Normans who settled in Normandy in northern France before 1000 C.E. These peoples were Saxon Vikings that had originally come from northern Germany and the Jutland peninsula – “Norman” was Old French for “Norse men.” After settling in France, these Saxons invaded the British Isles and set up small kingdoms such as Sussex, Wessex, and Essex. These medieval kingdoms united in 924 and called themselves “England.”

Genealogical Tree

Genealogical Tree

In 1066, the English throne passed to Harold Godwinson of Wessex who became King Harold II. William, Duke of Normandy claimed that the throne had been promised to him and gathered an army to invade England. This army was equipped in part by John Wryta of Bayeux, a renowned armorer and skilled craftsman in metal and wood. The army also included John’s sons – John, Richard, William, Henry, and Thomas Wryta. William defeated Harold and became King William I (better remembered as William the Conqueror). For their part in the conquest, the Wrtya brothers were given lands in the old Saxon kingdoms of Norfolk, Essex and Sussex which, under Norman rule, became English counties.

Quill PenFrom: The Wright Genealogy; From John to Wilbur & Orville

This line will be traced to verify.

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