January 2015
To everything there is a reason, right? I have so much stuff   …   so many papers, so many links, so many emails, so many photos and notes   …   all dealing with my paternal family tree! It’s time to try and make sense out of all of it.

Genealogical Tree

Genealogical Tree

I’ve been collecting Wright Family information for over thirty years. And now, here’s where I get it organized and understandable. Hopefully, too, what I find and publish here will be of use to others trying to trace their Wright Family roots. It’s been an exciting journey so far. I love that I can still uncover new information to add to the tree almost every time I go searching.

Sorting out the information begins (or has already begun) in January of 2015. As I file away each bit a blog post will be created. There may be several posts per day, or perhaps just one a month. It all depends on how well I am keeping up with things.

Quill Pen If you have any questions or comments on this genealogy, please feel free to use the “Questions?” page and send them to me. However, if I begin to receive too much spam email, I may delete that feature from this site. Then, you will just have to email me directly.